pic: What the front page of Chief Delphi should actually look like

Just a thought

It isn’t there for everyone though

It appears the site has been updated because all the buttons are moved around and there are several new ones i.e. “Open Buddy List”

I always thought the home page was a bit too full of fluff. The Image gallery and recent activity is nice, but the page goes down forever. Are links to White-Papers, CD-Swap and the helpful links on the homepage necessary? These really lengthen the page.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great site, well designed. I just feel like the homepage could be be organized to utilize space a bit better and be more user friendly. I introduced a bunch more people to the site this year and it got me noticing these things…

I want someone with appropriate web coding skills to make a CD version of Let Me Google that for You.

I second this motion. I know where it is, but I still lose it whenever I want to search.

Just in case you didn’t notice, the picture is actually a joke pointing out that the search button does in fact exist. I’m not actually commenting on the layout of the site, it is fine the way it is.

I really think the OP was trying to emphasize the importance of using the “search” capability before posting. Although putting the “search” button in a more prominent location would indeed be helpful.

For some of you, the front page is cluttered with advertisements and when you search, you have to verify you not a spam-bot. You can solve these problems by becoming a CD supporter. Click on “Supporters” on the “quick links” pull-down and donate to CD via PayPal! :smiley:

Yes! I never thought about moving the search button, not a bad suggestion.

I am a CD supporter and have donated. I have no problems with advertisements, but not having them anymore is a plus.

The “clutter” I am speaking of is just the lower half of the homepage. I don’t ever use those links and if I ever need to get to them, I can navigate to them manually.

It could instead ask you if you have conducted a search every time you start a new thread. I think this would be collectively less annoying that folsk asking someone if they have searched.

Those only show up when you log in.

Or have it do the search automatically

Yes this is a great feature that really comes in handy at huge forums like XDA-Developers, but it really should be here too.

Unfortunately since vBulletin isn’t open source it probably costs money to upgrade??

More people should donate :slight_smile:

Here’s how.

I actually do tend to use Google to search for threads on chiefdelphi rather than using CD’s search. Google is better at it than CD is, and there’s absolutely no shame in that.

For those who think searching “SEARCH” button on CD is difficult, probably we should have a floating search screen that follows cursor! :smiley:

IDK, I like the ads, I get quick links to VexPro and TPD and such. It is very nice.