pic: What the heck is that?


Its an open face egg chicken sandwich. Created by Andy Baker from the grill during the Saturday morning tailgate. Made from grilled chicken and scrambled eggs. Maybe he should stick to mechanical design? :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy Baker, master chef comes up with another incredible design! He calls it the open face egg chicken sandwich…and its a breakfast item! Take some toast, add grilled chicken and scrambled eggs. The combination of those 3 = breakfast for a handful of FIRSTers that morning. :smiley:


Look for this white paper coming soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a strange SOS I have yet to see. It appears to be chicken and eggs on wheat toast? :confused:

any chance of a repeat in atlanta?

Wow, a sandwich name after a FIRST’er.
(be careful of the bones!)

Even though I love grilled chicken, personally, I’d prefer the bacon & eggs offered to the volunteers at NYC.

And for lunch, I loved the salmon! (Though the asparagus didn’t agree with Elgin :p)

Boneless :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Emril is jealous right about now. :stuck_out_tongue:

finally a chance to determine the truth

if you eat that, what comes up first?

the chicken or the egg?

Ghetto Coffee

Pic One
Pic two

Well i’d be more concerned with, “what do i eat first, the chicken or the egg?”

you know, if you eat that with mayonaise (made from eggs)

you could get poultry poisioning!

esp if you wash it down with eggnog

As hard as it may be to believe, that sandwich was pretty darn good. As a matter of fact, that is the exact sandwich that I ate that morning, very tasty…could’ve used some salt though. :wink: At the time I hadn’t thought about the fact that the chicken and the egg both came from basically the same source. . . yet they taste so different… Have you ever heard anyone say that an egg ‘tastes like chicken?’ hehe.

I dont think you can honestly say you’ve had ghetto coffee until you end up drinking it out of a soda can because you havnt had your fix yet and all the styrofoam cups are gone so you settle on burnt fingers.

eggs taste like chicken?

yes - liquid chickens!

Maybe that’s not such a great idea to eat

At least not everyday. I personally want to be in FIRST for 70 years (67 more to go).

pretty gruesone to me-

think of it- a bird “----s” out an egg so you cook it up , kill the bird that laid it and then throw its greasy, cremated body and its sacrificed offspring on top of it onto a piece of bread!!

Which came first- the chicken or the egg? Doesn’t matter much anymore because now it’s which went down last.

sorry but that pic looked too close to roadkill for me.

This whole post was placed in honor of the vegetarian members of Team 25. (they know who they are)

I myself need bloody, burnt red meat to survive…

WC :cool:



$@#$@#$@#$@# you! Though I can’t blame you… I mean, with a saxy design like that, it’s a sure fire way to win the imagery award… the protein award too :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk to 1114 Simbotics about SAXY Robots; they’ll back me up that they got the saxiest bot at the Pittsburgh regional :smiley:

mmmmmmmm eggs…