pic: What time is it?

When the going gets tough, the tough [strike]get going[/strike] don’t sleep much.

Good luck with the rest of build!

I LOVE this! This has always been my motto.


I would say Hammer Time, but that involves stopping, so…

Adventure Time!

Actually, the running comment the other night was “there is a reason I’m not running anything bigger than a drill” Our college mentors were running on ~12 hrs of sleep… in the last 3 days and it was hour 11 of the meeting. 3 hours prior I had been sent out to buy candy and caffeine.

After sitting behind 488 in Atlanta 2007, that’s the first thing I think of when someone asks the time :wink:

Dude, your clock is broken. It’s 12:61. It’s always 12:61.

  • Sunny

You should try sitting with them in Seattle EVERY year! It’s one of the great cheers… but dang, does it stick in your head.

Looking forward to hearing it again this year,


Its krunch time! 00:79 o clock

Nah its definitely 488


Gotta love the original.


(Kudos to whoever gets that one…)

i think a mentor set this picture as the team’s computer background. I think he also tried to rig the computer’s clock to do the same… in a windowless shop there is no sense of time.