pic: What to do with your old bumpers

Serendipitous find of an Ikea chair in an alley made this easy. In a few years I might have enough for a couch!

Does anyone else see this as an inspiration to make FIRST furniture out of used parts? Anyone else out there using old FIRST parts to make furniture?

Only two examples come to my mind…

  • The head mentor from my high school team had an old robot as a coffee table
  • I think I remember seeing a old Thunderchicken superstructure as a shoe rack?

you can sleep no matter how many times the 2011 robot runs into you :rolleyes:

good job

this is really cool! it makes me want to go and make one.

Quite ingenious if I do say so myself! We probably have enough old bumpers to make 3 or so of them!

Do I spy a 3d printer in that photo?

I totally want one now lol.

that is funny very funny::rtm::

That’s awesome! I’ve been wondering about what to do with all of our prior years’ bumpers, actually… looks like a good solution!

My only use of “FIRST Furniture” is a blue alliance tetra from 2005 as a towel rack… Fun and functional!