pic: What we were all thinking before alliance selections...


I can attest to the accuracy of this picture.

Usually at alliance selection I heard some variant of “someone say ‘The Game’ instead of ‘Graciously Accept’, pleeeease”


Yeah, I’m mad.

I’m ragin’.


I had a great time at alliance selection.

hahaha, Yes I will also testify that this picture is true.

I disagree. You can ‘Graciously accept’.

You just cannot say you graciously accept and graciously accept at the same time. :smiley:

Maybe during the noise of competition the original alliances mistook it for gratefully accept?

My first time in pickings I said graciously decline… there was too much going on in my head!

Was it accidental?

Yes. It was my first time out there and when I declined I had a whole lot more going through my mind to think about what to say and rather who I would pick instead.

Our representative saw all, don’t worry I won’t spill what you guys were really thinking before alliance selections.

This happened to me at WPI and I was thinking of this picture.

I will now go to the restroom before alliance selections.

I can also attest that this is 100% accurate.