pic: What's 179 up to?

So what’s going on here?


Obviously Mr. Krabs is pissed you spent all that dough on three frames…

These are how they feed their team, they fill them with krabby patties.

Also wide bot is wide?

Its obviously a spongedrive that can go underwater.

Ahem…crabby drive

Them’s there fer capturin’ moon rocks!

Are Ya Ready Kids?!?

Seriously though 3 robots? Do you it least have another team taking one of the robots?

Aye, Aye, [strike]Captain[/strike] Commander!

I Can’t Hear You!

Obviously, the Swamp water has gone to Swampdudes head.

They are planning on fielding an entire alliance!!!

Good luck guys, we’ll see y’all at the Swamp Scrimmage.

I would hope that you are offering your assistance to other teams in your area since you guys can do this stuff so fast.:ahh: I am still unsure why you would have 3?:confused:

Looks like just a harvester robot. A great addition to any alliance at the competition.

that is a lot of toughboxes

I agree, this was a crazy Idea. But how cool if we did field an elimination alliance? It’s happened before.

This is 2 competition bots 1345 and 179 along with a practice bot. So yes we are helping a team. They’ve been at our shop working hard every build night. I’m proud of all of them, and our students too, just an excellent bunch of kids.
We should have 1 up and running Sunday, but more likely Tuesday. Those are Toughbox Crab modules. Can’t wait to see Mr. Crabs in action. And they do score quite well :smiley:

If you’re in Florida, you’re welcome to come to our scrimmage on Valentines day. Message me for details.

**Dragons now inhabit the Swamp?! **Be afraid of what these two great teams will produce. I bet there will be mayhem at the Valentine’s Day scrimmage; this always fun gathering just got even more interesting.

I used to think KingKrab was my favorite crabdrive name… Mr. Crabs tops it. Can’t wait to see the actual design.

I am so lost right now

Dan, when were you planning on telling me that we were making a twin? :confused:

Are 9 tough boxes enough for you? Why the odd number?