Who can guess what we have here?

I knew this was a 1293 creation the moment I saw the saw blade.

Looking at it, though, I can’t quite figure out what it is. It looks like some sort of belting system, but for what?

I think somebody made a good point about this already. Posting unrecognizable, and even poor res, images contribute nothing.

I’m slightly more charitable. The drawing shows some actual thought, something that could actually be seen on a robot, and stands to be shown in more detail further down the road. To me, it marginally passes the Lame Teaser Test, though a wider shot (or more details as to what’s going on with the green and gray stuff) would improve its standing.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I am a 1293 alumnus–draw from that what you will.)

If you are looking for the teaser discussion thread:

My guess: Waterpark style innertube collector.

An arm that teleports the innertube to the spider…
Heh. I wish.
I dunno, it kinda looks like it transports the tubes via conveyor to teh spider. I dunno how effective that would be, however.

I paid a visit to 1293 to get some better shots of Ockham (their 2005 robot), and my sources indicate that none of us seem to be on the right track. (I’ll keep what it actually is under my hat.)

seems like part of a tank drive system, with out the belt

What gets me is that it doesn`t seem to detail any sort of axle around which the belt-like-thingy is winding. Welding on the inside maybe?