pic: What's "robtics"?


We finally get one of our local high schools to recognize our team and they couldn’t even spell robotics correctly!!! The Palmetto Regional ended March 27 and this was put up April 30. I guess it will be June before something is done about Nationals.

Well, atleast they got one out of three "n"s right too.

Reminds me of a poster I once saw, not at my high school, but at another school in the same district:

“<name of school> are our students’ futurers”

maybe they ran out of n’s and had to open the box with the Cyrillic letters in it.

Our sponsor made us buttons this year…

Besides having the lunacy ball in the background from last year, they spelled robotics wrong…

“FIRST Robtics Competition”.

And they made 5000 of them. :ahh:

our school shop teacher is not to fond of the team. on her whiteboard, she wrote a nasty message to us one day, it started “Dear Robitics”

Anyway, i am shocked at how commone school mispell word on signes like that.

Maybe they meant Team 408? Or Team 236? Were either of them at Palmetto?? :rolleyes:

Maybe the people making the sign ran out O’s…

That still doesn’t give them the excuse to make the N’s backwards.

That’s ok. A member of TP was writing Paragon on a mentor’s neck and spelled it Pragon. Then, with out obnoxiously large letters from '09, she was showing me what she did. This was then brodcasted on the website and on national TV -____- lesson learned. we make sure all the spelling is right before we hold up our letters.

Maybe it wasn’t accidental, I mean no way can someone misspell something that badly for a sign and not realize it. Or they ran out of letters.

Well, if it’s any consolation, my school’s mascot is the chief. We’ve been the Capac Cheifs quite a few times.

Don’t even get me started on the way it’s been pronounced…
(KAY-pack for those of you wondering how it’s actually pronounced)

I’ll be charitable and guess they ran out of O’s. School budgets, you know.

We can blame the N’s on poor sign design. If the letters were made so they only attach one way–the RIGHT way–this wouldn’t happen. Or would it? :slight_smile:

I’m submitting a new picture. Thanks to all the rain and wind on Monday…which blew some of the letters down…They gave us our missing ‘O’ and fixed our 'N’s!!:smiley: