pic: What's wrong here?

This is from build season. After a long day of work, people get stupid. This is a result.

Great success! High five! :cool:

The blinds are keeping the sun out? :confused:

His forehead protectors are too low?

The screwdriver jockey has not noticed the problem and the foreground character is taking entirely too long to decide where the error is?


From an inspectors point of view, there’s nothing illegal about that configuration.

There’s obviously a tile slightly misaligned on the ceiling. I can’t believe you guys didn’t spot that.

The left glass is missing?:confused:

is that a candy bar wrapper on the back his neck?

Am I going to have to be the one to point out the obvious? You guys completely missed that they are working at night without any Mountain Dew! Gosh, and you call yourselves FIRSTers?:smiley:

wow… .that is nice… and sort of sad

UMMMM…yea…wat is wrong?..I got it his hair is colored blond

You’d think that someone would fix that screw popping out of the drywall sooner or later…:rolleyes:

oh oh i know i know!!!

the bracket on the left is rotated 90 degrees clockwise

the brackets iffy, I would have to go with the drywall or the mountain dew.

Several choices here can be given.
Assumption: front person is “dude” background person is “guy”.

  • Dude is toughing up while guy with the screwdriver removes the screw accidentally impaled into dude.

  • Dude is thinking he is the Arby’s guy with silver tetrahedrons above his head wishing he was back in 2005 playing First’s Triple Play game.

  • Dude wishes he had a “cooler” pair of goggles.

  • Dude wishes he had gone to Hair Cuttery earlier in the day.

  • Dude wonders “What might have been if we had followed the blue prints behind me when we built our robot”.

  • Dude wonders “Why didn’t the photographer Photoshop my red eye”.

  • Dude says “That comic strip behind the metal post sure isn’t funny.”

  • Dude wonders “How did that red spot get on the hanging blinds”.

  • Dude wonders “What are those black, blue and brown slices coming out of the right side of my head”.

  • Dude wonders if his girlfriend will kiss him tonight.

  • Guy daydreams whether dudes girlfriend will kiss him tomorrow night.

  • Dude wonders “How can I permanently get rid of that long curly group of hair on my chin”.

  • Dude wonders “I could have a V8”. (This is for the older crowd)

  • Dude wishes he had a cool t-shirt like guy

Just a few thoughts. Had a wild hair today. Enjoy!