pic: What's wrong with this picture - Why were we shut off?

So, it’s like a game… With a prize… (probably not) but… anywho…

If you can tell why we were remotely shut off you win.

If you were at Bash and know the answer do not answer!!!

you’re blocking the goal with your arm

Your battery had fallen out of your bot.

i know your tricks elgin :wink:

Someone wasn’t wearing their safety glasses!!! :yikes: (looks at Elgin)


Because Dez hit the big red button! :wink:

No, I agree with Greg, I think it’s the battery. But I really have no idea…and I wasn’t there.

Battery fell out. I mean, it’s sitting right there ON THE FLOOR. But why?

Its a rule for the scorer’s to disable a robot if a battery is dislodged from the bot. Its a safety hazard…who knows what could happen to those terminals, if they got spliced and grounded a bot out???

thats why we disable

Well, I know that, mabey I should have been more clear.

Why was the battery knocked out?

Yup… Greg is right.

And the reason it fell out is because we did the “fastest battery change in the world” according to the field MC :slight_smile: and apparently 2 zipties and two velcro strips were not enough to hold the battery in.

About 20 seconds before I took this picture we were on our back because we tipped and the battery flew out. The arm in the goal was there because it actually helped right ourself into an upright position.

now since you are goaltending, did the other team take advantage and just keep shoot balls at your arm?

i think they were in their own goal… or am i mistaken??

We were in our own goal, which made shooting points very hard for those last few seconds or so. I think it was a 1-3 score for balls because our arm blocked 2 of our own balls. :ahh:

Don’t feel that bad about the battery
our battery once slid off where we had it zip tied and actually hit our off button. Never came disconnected, it just hit off. So we were hanging with only 1" left before we cleared the platform…

We designed it that way. It allows us to lose some weight when we go to hang on the bar! :stuck_out_tongue: (joking)

That wasn’t the first time we’ve had the battery come out. I remember our 2002 robot. During testing of the tank drive (1 joystick forward, 1 backward) we spun it in circles real fast…until the battery flew out and landed several feet from the robot! :yikes: