pic: Wheelie Bar

Thanks for the concerns and input.
The material is press-fit aluminum (McMaster carries it)

More to come

dude… You are my hero. That is the most ingenious Idea I have seen in a long time. Way to KIS guys. Nice.

Now, how big are those casters? and is that thing pneumatically pushed out?

wow, Vivek

vivek is right, they should be motor or pneumatically driven out otherwise it will be outside the foot print at the start of the round

what wheels are you using it looks like you are using two standard/traction and one omni per side. being a six wheel drive, are you going to use a rocker style? looks cool though

Our rookie bot had a similar outrigger system. We mounted hinges on the back of some metal screen enclosure post material and started the match with the outriggers upright, roughly vertical. At the start of the match, we would shake the robot and gravity would bring down the outriggers which landed on a cable that pulled a pin on a spring loaded rod, which shot out above the outriggers, locking them down.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it really was, and it didn’t require any extra pnumatics or motors.

Will it violate R16?

Our team, 2506, uses the same McMaster-Carr press fit aluminum framing system for our chassis and drive base. We also use the ribbed type extrusion from that series, in combination with the plain type. It works quite well, provided you mill the edges flat and make sure all the dimensions are correct before you assemble. taking them apart can be a pain, but is do-able.

537 (the team i was for my first 5 years of FIRST) used it in 2007 for their chassis as well. It held up fine in competition. To make sure, they added pop-rivets at each connection point to ensure the press-fit plastic & steel connectors wouldnt come out.

Highly recommended stuff as far as i’m concerned. It leaves a clean finish, and it’s light comparatively.

A brilliantly simple solution to a possibly paralyzing problem.

This kind of stuff is great. Rather than overthinking and overengineering to solve the problem, you add a few casters and some bars. Problem solved.

God I love FIRST.

Good to see you are thinking about the comments from your last picture! I wonder where that one came from? :slight_smile:

and as mentioned, make sure it still fits the 80" rule…

I’d like to know what this press fit stuff is. I couldn’t find it under press-fit alunimium.

How about a part number so we can check this stuff out? Or is it the same as Faztek/80-20 extrusion stuff?


wheelie Bars are always nice to help stop flipping
if another robot gets stuck or damaged because of them
you might be penalized

take it from me
its happened to us