pic: When an 8 wheel drive and a swerve drive love each other veeeerry much...

The person doing something this ridiculous HAD to be from 233. :rolleyes:

Most impressive- done in Pro/E. Too awesome.

This better be built as your 2012 drive train.

It’s so awesome.


What…what is that!!! How is that possible?!

Ok, slow down Andrew, don’t get too excited.

  1. How much does it weigh?
  2. What diameter are the wheels?
  3. Is this gonna be showcased by 233 in 2012? (it is Pink)

Great render! Great swerve! Great everything! :smiley:

And finally… I can has?

I’m more impressed that you modeled something in Pro-E.

This looks awesome. Also, it’s great to see I’m not the only person in the universe using Windows XP with the Classic skin.

Wow… I’m speechless. I would give this team a cookie if they bring it in to real life and used it, AND IT WORKED… WELL.


I just saw the user is on pink, well, yeah I have no doubts about it working well now.

You better set your oven to 350 degrees now. You’ve got a lot of cookies to make. :slight_smile:

I made this over summer but a different and significantly more spectacular project has taken precedence over this. If we use it, it will be a different version than the one pictured. It has since been streamlined with the part count cut to below you average west coast drive, although some parts are significantly more complex.

I forgot how much it weighs, but the most up to date version isn’t noticeably heavier than our normal drivetrain. I haven’t analyzed it since July but it was in the realm of 30 pounds with motors. Probably.

The wheels are tricky to measure. The rims are around 2.4in though, a little larger with the tread.

And its Pro/e 3 on a computer at KSC where I was an intern. I use 5 at my house. Everything on all our robots is Pro/e. In 10th grade I took a class for it at a local college so I’ve never found it too bad. Frustrating!!! But not impossible.

Pro/E just asks so much of you from the very start, when you don’t really want all that control. It’s easy enough in Solidworks to come back later and add it in, but perhaps it’s all just user preference. And it’s not like it’s not used in industry at all.

Very neat CAD work. While the merits of an 8 wheel swerve are definitely up in the air, you’ve done some great looking work and sounds like you’re up to some cool stuff in R&D. Can’t wait to see what you guys have got up your sleeve for '12!

The measure of someone’s design should not be in the tools that they use, but the thought behind it.

Also If you don’t know pro-e then you should learn it, as limiting yourself to a single CAD package can also limit the jobs which you will be qualified when you graduate. Different industries have different software requirements and choose their software accordingly. While you have the opportunity to get free versions of all the major players through FIRST it doesn’t hurt to go play with them.

Are those module wheels cantilevered? This is truly epic… and throws KISS out the window.

I hope this year’s game is a water game, because the creation of this monstrosity will destroy the world.

Yes, that smashes the KISS principle in the face. Though, all swerve does that to some degree. You designed it. Now build it. Train the drivers, compete and train some more, go to off season events and then train the drivers next fall. This time next year let us know if you still want to use the big “L” word with that bot.

Do you mind posting a picture of a module? I’m curious to see how the drive is so light and have so few parts as you say.

Also, how is it controlled? It looks like you are steering groups of two independently and driving the let and right sides together. Is this accurate, and if so, how does that affect actual movement or programming it?

This version is old. The new version has considerably less parts, as in like less than half depending on how you count it. And I would post a pic if I had one. Everything in on a computer as KSC so I can’t access it from my house.

And each side itself is driven and steered together as a unit. Could be a 10 wheel swerve without much modification and less than a couple pounds of weight, but there would be no gain. Would look sweet though. And that is important.

Man that is so true… this applies in the music world for sure. (Any musicians out there?)

The C64 and Amiga 500… got me where I am today. :wink:

I’m lazy I use Reason

You mean you use REASON!](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PT90dAA49Q)


Not to belittle your beastly machine, but what is the advantage of making an eight wheel drive?

Did you make it to flex your CADing muscles (a legitimate reason) or because you think there is a competitive advantage to it?

(I know 1625 made their six wheel swerve, but that was because they didn’t have the programming capabilities for a fully independent four wheel swerve that could do everything they needed it to do…)

What Greg said is absolutely correct.

The corporation I work for uses Pro/E, Unigraphics and Catia among other programs depending on what division you work at. It takes time to assimilate to all of these but the basics commands are generally similar.

FYI Pro/E is super easy to use compared to a lot of other CAD packages after using half a dozen systems I still think it’s the most intuitive to a mechanical engineer. Ever use UG/NX now that one still drives me nuts?