pic: When FIRST Kids Get Lazy...

We were cleaning up after 2046’s annual spring spaghetti feed and didn’t feel like pushing the broom around; luckily we had our practice bot and duct tape with us.

did it work? <_<

our janitors at out school always asked for a sweeping robot… hmmm

Heh niceee

And we’re still in the design stages of our sweep robot for the cities street.:rolleyes:

Good job. :wink:

Self note: just use a chassis, duct tape and broom

I doubt it’s effective though. Is it?

Haha, no not really :o It was just fun to drive around and see how much we could actually pick up with it before the broom twisted sideways and we lost everything we had collected.

Robotic Zamboni might work though… :wink:


Way to try, anyway! At least you guys didn’t go any further because, let’s face it, there’s a lot more [HORRIBLE!!!:ahh:] stuff FIRST students can do when they’re lazy. Trust me…

Our janitors jokingly asked us to build them a robot, but it could be a great project. Not to mention the administration may ease up on our restrictions… hmmm… starts brainstorming

the time to make broom bot was most likely 3 times the time to really sweep but i love it!

looks interesting, i think i got a fix for the twisting sideways, lol. I say you get a vaccum attachment on there.