pic: When Good Metabolism Goes Bad.

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wow this suits DJ perfectly, Not only is he a Role Model, but also shows his political assperations to be a keiser<sp?>

At first I thought it was supposed to be a turkey but then I read the “roll model.” I’m not sure which one is more amusing but this picture is great nonetheless.

First the “sex symbol” and now the “roll model” :smiley: nice one M.

/me thinks dj isnt going to be too happy about this one… what are you going to think of next, krass??

wow…all i can say is wow…he’s not gonna like this one…but hey…its dj so its okay…i have a strange feeling that this one might not last long on here…every time a bad pic of him gets uploaded it seems to magically disappear :confused:

Oh and next time ya see dj…ask him how his car is doing after friday night


If he really doesn’t like it, we’ll take it down.

I was all proud, and now you’re making me depressed.

I find it funny as hell!

HAHA DJ! Lets have a challenge - who can make the most fun of DJ in one picture. Winner gets $1! LOL! :smiley:

Mad props for M!

Now you can say that he is the roll model for little kids - literally!!

Now if you really wanna make him happy…make it a giant red maple leaf instead of a roll.

Yes everyone must ask him about his car…

I wonder how long it took him to get everything fixed so he could drive home:D Austin, you and i make a pretty evil combination.

Hey, at least it’s a croissant. Maybe he’s French-Canadian? :wink:

*Originally posted by Amanda Morrison *
**Hey, at least it’s a croissant. Maybe he’s French-Canadian? :wink: **

He does like Hockey alot…


You turkey

I will pay anyone $2 to see DJ wearing a Red Wing jersey - That would be golden!!

Not to mention DJ would dispise anyone that did that… :smiley:

I’ll see what i can do matt:)

I’m going to eat a roll now just so it looks like I’m killing DJ. :yikes:

But wow, that’s just… um… freaky.

I think you people need to get a life :stuck_out_tongue:

A. The French are panzies

B. French-Canadians are the smart ones that got out of France when they could :smiley:

C. Over my dead body I would wear a Red Wings Jersey

D. I am not a roll

E. I am the king of revenge, all of you who insult me shall pay :wink:

NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!! DJ! Why did you remove the pic!!! Comon man!


Do i even need to type a description for this one?

*Originally posted by D.J. Fluck *
**E. I am the king of revenge, all of you who insult me shall pay :wink: **

Now this could get interesting.

Just remember, I did it in fun. If I’m going to be disrespectful, I’ll do it with words. I meant no harm.

If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t talk to you. I certainly would waste 10 minutes of my life photoshopping you.

Not the greatest image, but it’s decent for five minutes of work. Sorry, DJ.



I wanna know who DJ bribed to get that picture taken off… any bets on how long Josh’s pic stays up? It’s classic, though. I think I’ll save it and preserve it for posterity. DJ in a Wings jersey… hehe.