pic: when prototyping goes wrong

hey! why isn’t he wearing safety goggles?

Becuase the protype went haywire and he wasn’t expecting it to grab hhim, thus him not needing to wear the saftly glasses since it wasn’t on. (Did that make sense???)

Team Designer/Driver

Oh my gosh! And you just stood there and took a picture?! :rolleyes:

Ya know, I happened to be there when it happened and my picture that I took just a fraction of a second later actually shows his hair going through the wheel and on fire! It is unbelievable!



Especially since you didn’t post the other picture.

WOW! the wheels are spinning so fast it looks as if there not moving!

You just can’t see that strobe light off-camera.

Are you guys considering using the same method to pick up balls that your old robot used? Which is sitting conveniently in the back round.

The best teaser-crackers are the ones who find them where they aren’t supposed to be.

The mentors and coaches approved this?

way to go whalley!!!

i see your holding up team 121 as i would if i was there!!! :smiley:

hope things are going great w/ the build this year and hope to see you at either the UTC scrim or at BOSTON!

Probably not but I’d be willing to bet that half the teaser pics poster here aren’t exactly with the team’s blessing either.

“Jeff didn’t realize that he needed to take extra safety precautions around the shooter, because Ricksta doesn’t. Everyone knows Ricksta’s head would never fit in there.”


Wow, a lot of teams are using that kind of shooter I’ve noticed. we’re going with the flywheel system too.

_By the way, safety glasses are so in style now, :slight_smile: