pic: When referees get bored...

Fun things happen. :slight_smile:

From Mayhem In Merrimack on June 11th 2005.

Surprisingly, this gravity defying feat was not that hard to accomplish.

I’m actually surprised there was enough friction between the tetra and the auto loader to pull that off. Maybe the paint on the tetra gives it some sort of sticktion.

What’s with the fishing line tied to the top of it?

Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a symetrical shape and with some “sticktion” as sanddrag mentioned, it seems they balance quite easily. :slight_smile:

im imprest that is cool

elgin you should get meds for that add, and i heard the center goal makes a loud noise when it falls unfortionately it didnt hit you.

There should be a picture floating around somewhere of that same thing, but from BtB… :wink:
Glad I am not the only one who has too much free time :stuck_out_tongue: .