pic: When the wheels fall off

I was going through some of my past pictures when I came upon this one. I love the expression on the student on the right. I’m not to sure about the left student

On our first match at Champs this year one of our wheels fell off and we didn’t even notice until field reset handed the wheel to us. Maybe we should have left it off for the extra weight.

My proudest moment as a driver in 2016 was noticing a drive shaft collar came off and immediately getting on the batter instead of continuing to cycle boulders.

Luckily the way we designed our robot this year (WCD and full bumpers), even if a snap ring came off, we could still drive. We actually noticed in que for a practice match at worlds that our wheel was loose on the shaft, but the way it was positioned, could not come off. We ran the series of practice matches, no issues at all. If it was 2016, different story. Bumpers that year were too tall to hold wheels on :mad:

I was coaching this match but I have no idea what could’ve been happening. Our driver is often very animated and unfortunately I never get to see his face while he’s driving.

Thanks for posting this, I got a good laugh

Why’d he take his hand off the controller? Doesn’t he know that he can salvage the situation by pressing the buttons harder and tilting the controller?


Figured it out!!


i do not miss that game

Gotta say my proudest moment was driving the entire match at Rocket City with one side of the robot. You can easily notice the issue in the auto routine when we went crazy. A drive pulley had been shattered. I just compensated for the awful response without thinking about it. The only real problem I had was trying to get on the platform at the end to climb. (real problem is relative, it was not easy to compensate.)

This is beautiful almost describes the look that my drive team had when we were in quarterfinals and climbing with another robot when our power button got pushed by them causing us to lose the match. :eek:

Team 980, ThunderBots, might still hold the record for losing 3 out of 6 wheels
:eek: and still winning a match. :smiley: (Due to the fabulous lift by team 696, Circuit Breakers, and some luck.)
Amazingly, repairs were made good enough to lose in the Finals to the Alliance with team 330, BeachBots, and team 254, The Cheesy Poofs.

2007 Los Angeles Regional.

Here is a better video showing the wheels and chains cluttering the field: :ahh:

Wheels start to fall off at about 1:30.
Team 980 ThunderBots.
FIRST Robotics LA Match #51 8Mar2007