pic: When Waterjets Get Nasty

This is what it looks like when you have run a waterjet too long without cleaning the tank. all the sand, wood and metal particles make this realy ickey mud.

You should start saving that. There is probably some foreign spa that would pay big bucks to use it as some sort of facial mud. lol

Looks like a beach along the Jersey shore! :yikes:

You should start saving that. There is probably some foreign spa that would pay big bucks to use it as some sort of facial mud. lol Gilbert I love it ha ha. Man Tytus clean that thing your gonna ruin it he he. :] Good luck with the new job Ty. Great picture and so very true.


this stuff is not food for you there are billions of particles of aluminum steel nickel. cobalt, polycarbonate and whatever else we cut with it. not to mention all the nested pieces of metal that have fallen into the tank witch are often sharp. along with the splinters of wood that we put under what were cutting for a flat surface. putting my hand in it and washing it off is one thing but putting it on your face for an extended amount of time… NO! it gets into your skin and into your bloodstream and can cause all sorts of problems.

this morning i woke up with a rash all over that arm and all over my face and its spreading to anywhere i touch. This is deffinetly not stuff that should contact your skin at all. Im just glad that it’s getting all cleaned today. and i have to go to the hospital.

when i first saw this picture, my initial thought was “man it cant be a good idea putting your hand in ‘mud’ that is made up of particles of metal and other things that your body doesn’t like” and now i see that it wasn’t a good idea… Seems kind of like playing with fiber glass.
Hope your fine after your hospital visit Tytus.

oh tytus…you silly boy getting u’rself into it…glad you’ll be okay and all after the hospital visit…

we need you all healthy and all!! luv ya bud…

I’m pretty sure Clark/Drew were kidding about the spa comment…

Consider yourself mentored, you have learned a lesson: “Don’t stick your hands in icky things.” :slight_smile:

Tyty if you ever do that again, I am gonna kick your butt.

… but knowing him, he will do it (something like this) again. After all this relates to engineering. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is where a Shop-Vac would’ve come in handy. I’ve never seen a Shop-Vac have an allergic reaction yet and require hospitalization :stuck_out_tongue:

Tytus, I hope you get better quick! :slight_smile:

believe it or not, they use a septic truck to suck it all out, its nasty stuff

Then how do you expect gearboxes to get built? =p

Thanks for putting the lesson in correct perspective, Amanda. (Just saw your new team and location: I hope you’ll accompany 148 to St. Louis. :slight_smile: )

Circular logic for Arefin: an uncle once told me if I had my butt kicked every time I needed it kicked, I wouldn’t need it kicked any more. :confused: