pic: When will the madness stop!


After seeing the JVN iPod, I began wondering…

How far will this go…

“My parents told me I shouldn’t rush into this, but they’re like, ya know, like, like, stupid. My cousin took, like, this, class-thing, and he’s real good n’ stuff, so I like, let him practice. I’m so teh rox0rs!!!”

WARNING: I’m just kidding! Don’t get a tattoo!

I was totally first. :slight_smile: Hurry, kids! Save your money…join the fad! Maybe at Atlanta this year, someone can make fake tattoos that say ‘I am JVN’? The $10 I win from David Kelly will be yours, if you do it.

Answer to your question “when will this madness stop?”

NEVER :slight_smile:

Fake? Ppsh. $25 to the person1 who gets a real one.2

  1. With parent’s permission, if under 18, of course.
  2. I’m totally kidding.

I thought I’d mention:

  1. That’s not my massive bicep, I just googled for it.
  2. It’s photoshopped.
  3. I would definately like to see temporary JVN tattoos :cool:

Good thing you put those disclaimers in, Brandon. I could see someone actually trying to do that, the way people are about this… :stuck_out_tongue:

fake tattoos?? sssspppppphhhhhhhhhh!!! That is so weak… If you are going to go, go all out. Amanda and I have both seriously (well, I don’t know how serious she was but I was very serious) about getting real FIRST tattoos somewhere on our bodies. When/ if I ever decide to get a FIRST tattoo, I’d so get an “I am JVN” tattoo too. :cool:

I’ll do it anyways. :rolleyes:

I think gwross would disown me.

Really, I thought we might have our first FIRST bouncer on our hands… :wink:

my family said no tatoos, no peircings and i cant get a motorcycle

… Darn strict military families

Could this be the first REAL FIRST tattoo?

It’s not a fake, folks. That’s our Team 48 logo gouged into the upper arm of a team alumnus.

I think I’ll just settle for vanity license plates.

ELITE Tattoo.gif

ELITE Tattoo.gif

Ha ha ha… Henna tattoos count for this right???

I’m surprised no one’s put “I am JVN” stickers on thier robots yet! :smiley:

Just imagine watching the robots on the field or on the giant screens at comp and seeing “I am JVN” on the robots. :cool: You could even put it on a mini license plate for the robot too.

The possibilities are endless! :smiley:

That’s a great idea, maybe that sticker should be mandated so all robots must have it. HAHA :rolleyes:


who cares about a mini license plate… were talkin REAL ones here! lol i tinhk T.Hoffman should get this one for his shiny new grand prix…



It didn’t even look photoshopped, so good job! =)
Looked like someone wrote “I am JVN” on it though.
Wouldn’ta guessed photoshop. Heh excellent work.

This is crazy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I would NEVER get a tattoo (I HATE NEEDLES :ahh: )! But I know that some people wonder what they would get tattooed on themselves when/if they get one. That’s not a bad idea for those that are “into this” (for lack of another way to express that).

Anyway, just think: what will stop FIRSTers from tattooing other FIRST relates names or symbols on their bodies … hey I guess it would be a trend!! :cool:

Hmm - I wonder what JVN thinks about this? - Hmm :rolleyes:

What do I think of this?

I absolutely hate needles too.
Scared to death of them.
I almost punch doctors… not joking.


what about the tattoo what do you think of it? i want to know about that.