pic: When you overload McMaster-Carr




How… just how…

Although I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often with other websites because honestly the amount of FRC people.


How long were you on there?

Yesterday I spent over 3 hours selecting hardware for various projects and never saw this.


I think it is because we have multiple students in our computer lab doing search requests at the same time and it was all coming from our school network. Just my guess.


I’ve done this solo when I was downloading a bunch of hardware configurations very quickly. My best guess is it’s a rate based thing— if you’re just downloading a file, searching, downloading again you’ll never run into it, but if you open up a bunch of pages to download a few dozen screws and then download them very rapidly there’s a problem.


I think it would have been funnier if it said 47 minutes :wink:


UPDATE: It happened again but this time it was 24 hours. On the bright side (not really:] ), we didn’t have to worry about it the next day because after-school activities got cancelled due to the snow.


Maybe you should call McMaster to see if you can be whitelisted.


Go incognito before they ban you for 24 hours.

I think some people don’t get this warning cause they actually buy stuff rather than browsing really fast in what could look like a DDOS attack.


You really should call them if anything like this happens, they have AMAZING customer service and it puts a human on the other end refreshingly fast!


I got this error the other day as well. Can confirm incognito mode works.


When I was joking about getting this message in the TBA Slack, someone mentioned they did call McMaster support, and after talking to several people, incognito mode was their suggested solution.


Had the same thing occur at work. You can set up an we account and they will recognize you. Does have to be from a company or existing customer it think.
After I set up a account this wasn’t a problem.


I was logged into my account (and have ordered from them before) and still received the error.


I thought this was what happened when you overloaded on McM:


The most important shelf for robotics: Machinery’s handbook, McMaster Catalog and a dictionary. Who needs the internet?


That catalog is gold.

** eyes it enviously **


Almost right.

Try the shelf below–All three Behind the Design books. Make sure those are on there.

Oh, and I can vouch that if you order enough a catalog shows up. We’ve got quite a few at work…


/sigh … sliding mentor card across the table… Missed them, even though Marshall would disagree, I’d put them in front of the dictionary in importance order.


I think McMaster changed something on their site to reduce bot traffic or something. While I was shopping for parts yesterday I got a “You must log in to continue browsing” prompt that blocked me from seeing any items after about 30 minutes of searching normally.

I was able to switch browsers and continue normally, which tells me they’re probably doing it with cookies (so if you clear your cookies it will probably work again). Kind of an annoying feature though.