pic: Where in the World is the Skippy Jar


This picture was taken this year, can you tell me where the skippy jar is ?

New Jersey regional?

or better yet, in the hands of the man in the picture :slight_smile:

Jersey regional in the volunteer lounge, I cant recall his name though… I am terrible at that:confused:

That dude is one awesome guy - great sense of humor and all lol

He brought in Shaded, Lighted sun / safety glasses :slight_smile:

I think his name is… Fred?

Thats DANCIN’ DAVE! Cool ref. Knows whats going on.

That is Dancin’ Dave Goric!(sp?) Which means that the skippy jar is is in the volunteer lounge at the New Jersey Regional in this picture, and if the skippy jar travels with him, it means that it is in the volunteer lounge or right next to the field right now at the Connectiut Regional.

By the way, i got confirmation today from an unspecified ref at the Connecticut Regional that indeed the skippy bottle is in the volunteer room at the event. Hopefully I will have a picture to prove it tomorrow.

That is most definitely Dave Goric, and very likely in the NJR volunteer lounge. However I don’t think the jar is travelling with Dave. If memory serves me (although it usually doesn’t) he sweet-talks the catering staff and somehow, magically, Skippy appears!

Hi Dave!!

The jar was on the scoring table in Hartford. A huge congrats goes out to Dave. He was honored as volunteer of the year in Hartford.

Way to go Dave :slight_smile:


DAVE RULES!!! this dude rocks he is like the coolest ref ever!!!:cool: