pic: Where is Elgin Clock?

Elgin Clock is hidden somewhere along the balls. Where o where is Elgin Clock? Also, where is my brother (K.Shaw)? I have seemed to lost them among the balls.

I think he was trying to hide from BIG MIKE!!! :ahh:

Who could that be sneaking up behind him? Big Mike? :ahh:

all i have to say about this pic is i see big 2x balls and goofy safety glasses

Is it me or does Elgin look like Jesse James in that pic?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did Kevin make you say that?

ahaha see elgin i told you…you look like jesse james…he looked even more liek jesse james riding that custom chopper ahaha it was priceless too bad that pic didnt make it up here yet… :wink:

Someone made that picture of Elgin on the chopper blurry…so he doesn’t really look like Jesse James at all.

I never knew I would be the subject of a Billfred Unnoficial Caption Contest… lol

It’s kinda spiffy! I feel honored. :slight_smile:

Well, Elgin, to be honest, I can only make fun of Amanda Morrison and Dean Kamen so many times. I should ask Heidi on how to take it to the next level, like she does with Dave.

(fear not, however, for I have several dozen pictures. And surely someone will post something this season I can use.)

I disagree.
I don’t think you can ever make fun of her too much.

Frankly, I don’t believe there is a limit to the hilarity. I think we should keep raising the “making fun of Amanda” bar. If and when we find the “too much making fun of Amanda” point, we’ll know we’ve done our best, and excelled to the top of our game.

So Bill–
I plead with you. Don’t give up. Stick with it. Make fun of Amanda until you just can’t manage it anymore. We’re behind you 100%!

This is what FIRST is all about.
JV :wink:

Man… postings by FIRST’er with insomnia is quite strange but funny after midnight…

Well, John…if you can hire a bodyguard or two for Atlanta, it would probably make things more conducive to more Amanda-based caption contests. Supposedly I’m going to meet my demise there. And, in the absence of protection, I’m kinda believing it!

Well Billfred, All i can say is GOOD LUCK…

here is where you see Amanda’s good side

and umm… i think we will just wait for a “bad side of Amanda” picture to come, after you meet Amanda at nationals. :slight_smile: