pic: Where is Waldo at FLL?

Here is a version of Where is Waldo at 2003 FLL-

Try to find:
Jugs of lollipops (2) Energy for the masses
NY State troopers (2) with big guns
2-headed volunteer (yes! two heads, in NYC we have everything)
an astronaut
head referee (actually there are 2 but it will be impossible to find #2; if you can you are the best)
clown with red nose
Lady eating a plate of fry chicken (I hated her for standing there eating while I’m working…)
(can’t wait for Kickoff!)

Sorry all… it looks like the resolution became very bad after the picture upload. :frowning:
High resolution here: http://nycfirst.poly.edu/forum/showthread.php?p=285#post285

The astronaut is on the big blue banner that is about 3/4 across the screen by the 2 people with colored hair.

The clown is one of the 2 people by the blue banner

One head ref is at the scoring table with his back to the camera. The scoring table is located to the south west of the blue banner

The other head ref is on the far side of the 3rd lego table from the right

One state trooper is on the far left top of the crowd

The fried chicken lady is along the blue divider wall to the right of the blue banner

The 2 headed volunteer is just above the scoring table

I’m not finding any lollipops or the other state trooper

the state troopers are right next to each other talking…
the jar of lollipops is under the two headed volunteer?

CORRECT! Congrads Alex and Justin, both of you got them all.

One of the state trooper has a hat and the other one doesn’t.
The jars of lollipops are at the scoring table; one on the left and
one on the right side of the Head Referee with his back turned.

I’m the other head referee on the far right; table 3. :smiley: