pic: White castle tastes so bad

We have to got o white castle after IRI every year because they dont exist in Florida. Even though White castle Is so Very Bad and nasty. How the heck do you get a chicken ring anyway?

After my horrible experience with McDonalds, i gave up on fast food.
I was actually planning to go to White Castle on my way to Maine, but i guess not?
is it really that bad :frowning: ?

what’s a chicken ring?


oh, in that case you’re right.


Oh it gets so much better, for they have the chicken ring sandwich. Yum, puke.

They have some fabulous mini hamburgers though. I love em so much. They taste so good. Well except that I eat 10 of em to fill me up.

They may be mini but they pack a mean calorie & fat punch.
Sandwich Calories Fat
Hamburger 140 7
Cheeseburger Jalapeno 160 9
Cheeseburger Bacon n/a n/a
Cheeseburger 200 13
Fish Sandwich 180 7
Chicken Sandwich 190 8
Chicken Ring Sandwich 180 8

As for where the chicken ring comes from, well I can think of one area, hmm, one area and the neck. Yum… I hate white castle. Can’t say my TacoBell is much better, yet at least their food tastes good.

I thought the chicken rings were quite good actually…

mmm white castle.

Ryan is of course the dude who brought us to white castle a year ago and started this stupid tradition

I too love White Castle! But I’m a firm believer that when you go to a place known for a specific type of food, you eat that type of food. White Castle = little bitty burgers. Thats what you eat! Not chicken rings! Its like going to a steak house or going to a seafood place and ordering the chicken!!! :ahh: No matter how much you like chicken, its not what they are known for!!!

And if you are going to count calories and fat… why bother going at all!

A couple members and I just had to stop and eat a White Castle on the way to and back from Atlanta this past year. It was the first time we ate there and hopefully wont be the last time I eat there. Part of the sensory appeal of food is the anticipation :wink: So if you go there thinking that it is going to taste bad, its more than likely going to taste bad. But their burgers are really good. If not terribly unhealthy!

There arn’t White Castles in North Virginia, so when we were at IRI 2004, we went. When Jason Morella informed Amanda of this decision, he was met with the response “Oh, you’re feeling brave?”. Think that sums it up pretty well :wink:

Someone’s watched “Harold and Kumar” too many times!

In Southern Connecticut we have Duchess Restaurants. http://www.duchessrestaurants.com/history.php4
I drive around the northeast a lot for fast food they are better than most. Everything is made to order and they are pretty quick.

Wasn’t Harold & Kumar based on Tytus and Fin’s adventures on their way to White Castle during IRI last year??

No?? Oh… my bad… :yikes:

I must say although White Castle has some horrible after effects (exactly 12 hours after to be precise) while eating their burgers, I do like the taste of the Chicken thingers.

And it’s always cool to just buy a whole suitcase of any food, especially burgers. :cool:

We stopped on our way back from IRI this year. It was my second time eating at the Castle and right after and I mean RIGHT after I finished my 4th burger, I went to the bathroom. Details by PM request only.

I didnt like white castle either, we dont have them in my area, so when I went to NJ last summer, we got some, and I felt sick for a few days.
I was very disappointed. :frowning:

When I was a little fizzle we would visit family. They lived behind a White Castle.
Around 9 at night, folks would get hungry so an aunt would gather 3 of us little guys and we would go through a small forest, over a foot bridge, up a rocky slope to the back of the White Castle parking lot. Then we would place our order and all of us would be loaded down with bags of little white boxes of square little burgers covered in onions. We would practically float down the slope, over the bridge, and through the woods to the family waiting for a treat. Good times.

We have one in Kokomo, but I’ve never went there. The only thing I’ve ever bought from White Castle was a coke after the Indy 500 a few years back, no bad side effects by the way.