pic: White Castle!!!

We Thought it was a Myth. but it’s actually there. thank you ryan for hanging with us on sunday and bring us there

is that who i think it is!!! Harold and Kumar??! THEY ARE ACTUALLY VISITING WHITE CASTLE LOL!!!

you guys make me jealous…

ACK!!! Sliders!http://boards.buffalobills.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/barf.gif

Coming this summer, the sequel to the greatest movie ever about White Castle.

Arefin & Tytus go to White Castle!

I bet that white castle was sick of FIRST people by the end of that weekend. Aaron Lussier and I went in late Friday night and ordered 23 cheeseburgers + other things. Lets say the cook in the back wasn’t exactly pleased that he had to make 23 cheeseburgers for 1 person. :smiley:


White Castle has to be the single greatest eating establishment in the world.

No way man, that title belongs to In-N-Out Burger.

We didn’t get a chance to go to White Castle last year, but Steak N Shake was pretty darn good.

Hmm…i forgot about Steak N Shake…we ran up quite a lengthy bill there Saturday.

ya, while you guys were spending it up at steak and shake i went to tacco bell with pink and spent a whole $3.77

Yeah but there was like 20 people there.
I ended up eating “dinner” at 1 in the morning (got lost again and had to turn around. Twice).
The poor waitress at the Steak and Shake looed so overwhelmed.

I thought she was going to kill us :eek: . Thats why i went out and bought that bow and arrow set… :smiley:

You forget to mention shaving cream that you used to shave cream DJ’s Car. Does anyone have a pic of that? :slight_smile:

With what? Her surly glare?

I was watching out for flying utensils. I kept seeing something shine out of the corner of my eyes and proceeded to freak out.

That was just an icy look.
No harm no foul.

Mmmm 10 chicken rings, a sack of fries and a chocolate shake. Great food.

Wow we wanted to go there too, but we kept saying it would be our next meal and we never got to go :frowning: .

Although White castle was good, the next day I was totally not feeling good at all.

Meh… five words for you.

Smallest burgers in the world.

I’m sure that chef was used to making them in bulk since you can eat like, 10 and still not be full - kind of like a taco bell soft taco ten pack - but at least those taste good…

ehhhh those things are more grease than meat.

but where else is a burger $0.53 and slathered in onions?

just seeing this picture makes me remember all the good times there…birthdays, holidays, late nights, prom dinner… :rolleyes: