pic: White Colsons!

Gave our Colsons a much needed touch of 701 spirit. White wheels every year since 2012!

lol I thought of the same thing.

Me too!

Black-wall tires, they blend into the pavement, but these white-wall tires, they say look at me! Here I am! Love me!

If our robot was an off black then we could be a Macklemore song…

They look great. How did you guys dye them?

It’s just spray paint. I used a PVC pipe as a circle sencil as well as a roller plug for a 1/2 inch hex shaft to keep the paint off the middle of the wheel; we use e- clips so theres no need to paint that area to just get it scratched up in the end during assembly. I put a clip on a spare shaft, slip on the roller plug, slip on the wheel, then put the shaft in a bench dog hole in one of our shop benches. I use the shaft in the hole as a pivot point and spray into the PVC pipe as I rotate the wheel.