pic: WHite House Science Fair, The President Inspects 341

We passed inspection. Although we disabled our kicker to be safe.

Did you get to do a demonstration before disabling the kicker? Soccer on the front lawn, maybe?

Probably a good idea. I doubt the secret service would take to kindly to the president getting a soccer ball to the face. ::rtm::

Yeah we didn’t want to be remembered as the team that smashed some expensive vase either.

We explained to the Secret Service what the Robot would do and where the president should stand. We just drove it back and forth and turned a little bit. I was also worried about tearing up the carpet.

The president was pretty funny though. He really wanted to see it kick. When we told him it was disabled he pointed at the press corp and said. “Well lets just point it this way and see what happens”. We all had a good laugh. :smiley:

Is that an old-school gel + rotating light that I see? :yikes:

You know it! We added it in the offseason as our “we have a ball” indicator.

I seriously miss the old rotating lights! :frowning: