pic: Who Am I? Alex Cormier


Time for a new picture for another Championship.
See ya there!


Are you the one on the right, or the one on the left?

Alex, clearly that grue killed and ate you shortly after this photo was taken. How does it feel to be zombified? (and please remember your deoderant - rotting Cormier is not a pleasurable odor)

Look! Alex’s got a mini me!
You’re not bringing him to Atlanta are you?

I gotta share a room with him. That better not be the case.

Domo FTW.

'Nuff Said.


I got a bottle of Febreeze just in case.

Do not forget about the 4 days in the car with me ed!

I think me and Dan can survive if we open the window.
If not I got Bungie cords to strap you to the roof!