pic: who am i

easy 30 points, note, regulation pyramid

Looks like one of the most questionable designs I’ve ever seen :rolleyes:

No way that thing stays up there 5 seconds after the match ends

Where do you attach the belay system??

Where did the top post with the chains end up? OUCH! ::ouch::

LOL! That sirs, is a true robot. It can move just like a human, and can fumble like one. Lets try to see that one @ CMP

Just wait til JVN makes him create an 18x18x18 version out of VEX.

I do not see the inspection sticker. :slight_smile:

easy 30 points, note, regulation pyramid

I think they specified inches, not millimetres.

Reminds me of Spinal Tap…

It looks as though the top rung is placed way too far above the kink in the corner posts to be a legal pyramid! Other than that, all perfectly legal I’d say ::rtm::