pic: Who Am I

Well in it’s rare form, this is the Cormier of the East.

yay cromer!!! cromer got anteni(its late and i am tired, forgive me).

For some reason, this seems normal to me for week 6.

Yea Cormier…week 6? I can tell.
I don’t think anyone will search for a pic with a ‘pool noodle’ tag…lol

jesh… who let these guys post about this cute guy’s pic? :stuck_out_tongue:

that rack looks oddly familiar…wait a minute that is our rack!!! and cormier if they want to post about the cute guys pic they will have to go back and search for mine.:rolleyes:

Haha nice…Cormier you are styling with those attenas man lol!

Oh dear God…I remember this - move the camera a little to the left and you’ll see me half asleep in the corner amidst the glow of a laptop

I can simply say this is just alex; leave it to him to do something like this. :wink: