pic: Who Am I?


Arefin threw a pie at my face for my 18th birthday. =O

Ha thats great! Cake is my nickname because at the utc regional I caked Jeff aka Ogre in the face twice for his bday. Then again at the boston regional for Sam (230)'s bday I caked both of them and then came the infamous nickname. If its your bday and im around…it will happen!

Samantha 228

There can be no higher honor than having Arefin pie you on your birthday! Congratulations!

ZOMG!!! :eek:
Samantha’s first post in like 2 years here and it’s to reminisce on THIS type of stuff… LOL
Good times. :cool:

And… back on topic. While I managed to escape Fin’s (and surprisingly everyone else’s) pie tyrant during the Great Pie Escapade of '06, I’m sure that had I stuck around just a little while longer it could have been really messy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Kudos for being a good sport and taking the pie to the face, and having some fun with it!

Thanks for the heads up. Now I just have to keep in mind never to go to the Shaw’s house on my B-day! :smiley:

If I can ever lure him up for Ruckus I shall avenge you!

The regional is on my Bday. Hope you guys arnt there :open_mouth:

Your are an elite pokemon breeder.