pic: Who dat BBAT?

It catches 18 balls, holds 20+, rollers on either side can pick balls up off the floor, or quickly shoot them into the ball corral (www.combbat21.com/video/2004/ballrelease.mov). Crab/Tank steering allows for excellent maneuverability around the field. The wings open and close indepently, allowing easy passage from one side of the field to the other, being able to lift a wing to get past the pull-up bar without interference. The forklift style boom has pneumatically actuated pvc tines, to lift and place 2X balls on either goal.

Holy Moly. Does it catch all of them? How many can it hold?

Wow…people are seriously thinking that the small balls were overlooked…boy were they wrong. This one look really awesome. It looks super-maneuverable, can gather from both sides and can catch 18 and hold 20+ plus cap. Congrats guy. This is probably the most impressive design I’ve seen so far. I hope it works as good as advertised.

21, you guys rock! Can’t wait to see it in action at UCF!

Can you say, “Easiest autonomous mode ever?”

Go small ball grabbers!

There was a team (Nautae) at Chatsworth with a catcher very similar to this. I think I recall it getting all of them. I think they had a bit of trouble depositing though. I’m curious as to what the depositing mechanism looks like on robots like this.

Woop woop thats so awesome 21 way to be awesome,

Awesome Job ComBBAT! I think together we will be great allies. :cool:

Although I have a difficult time figuring out how your able to pick up balls off the floor, and hold them in that massive funnel. All that weight from the balls would make it difficult to load more balls… Can you please elaborate a bit? Thanks.

Again, good job! :slight_smile:

wow! congrats to team 21. can’t wait to see you guys at ucf.

mrs. p

Way to go 21. Looks like another great Combbatt robot.

For those of you who missed it, theres the video of the rollers at work…


We dont really see to much of a reason to pick up balls ones the net is full, we would just be moving over to the human player station and spitting them out. and i think we could with a full net anyway, the rollers work very well.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback, it was a tough build season, and hopefully it will pay off. We’ll see most of you at ucf. Thanks again…


In the next few days I’ll be posting more pictures on the ComBBAT website (http://www.combbat21.com) as well. So, you’ll get to see more views of the robot for your curiosity.

cool, This is a stragaitey that we ponderd as well Im Glad to see somonme has taken advantage of it. its almost a shure win as long as you have good human players

very nicely pulled off. I too had the idea when build started but everyone shot it down… glad it’s working for you

Very nice ComBBAT
Looks a little bit familer… we did the same thing.
I was wondering if you are aligned with a team that can do the same thing are you able to go for the bonus ball, or are you just going to depend on your aliance or the other 2 robots to hopefully knock of your bonus ball too??

Good Luck at your regionals and hope to see you at Nats. :slight_smile:

We can do it, though its not our strong point. We wound prefer to stay and catch but if we are in that position we would be able to go for the bonus ball.

looks awsome!!! but the movie link isnt working =( any way to fix it by tommrow night before i leave for BAE!?! thx good luck and see you at Nats!

I’m working on the site now, I might’ve hit something when you went for it that made it glitch. I just rechecked it and the link’s working. http://www.combbat21.com/video/2004/ballrelease.mov If it doesn’t work try again because I’m messing with a bunch of things, sorry about that. If it still doesn’t work e-mail me (miketwalker@cfl.rr.com) and I can send it to you so you can see it before you leave. It should be working now though, it is for me. Hope this helps.

Maybe it’s me but that video looks wierd. It looks backwards to me. The ball comes out of the robot slowly and then speeds up as it gets to the hole.

Might just be me.

looks good so far…i can’t wait to see this bot in person @ UCF…

I think its just you…for some reason I think that when the ball is getting released the ball uses that spinning wheel or roller to increase the speed, a similiar concept to our ball collector from 2002.