pic: Who is this? Bonus question- who's hat is it?

Atlanta 2007

Amanda Morisson. Mr. Kentfield’s Hat.

You either stole it, or got on one of his good moods. Those are rare. :slight_smile:

…I’m going to go with it being stolen. :stuck_out_tongue:

We once had a water fight, and he yelled at me to stop, until he took off that darn hat that has seen wayyy too many sweaty days of FIRST. :slight_smile:

General Message: And knocking it off the top of his head? Yeah…don’t do that. That hat is sacred, and as a first-day rookie, I knew not to mess with it. Just a friendly warning to a fellow human being who would like to see another day of life. :smiley:

Plus it says it on her name tag, and notice the close proximity of one JVN. :wink:

I think I’ve got the first question - would that be the esteemed Amanda Morrison?

Second question is harder - hat is kind of strange, unique, weird, not exactly trend setting fashion…if I didn’t know any better I’d think it had Dave Lavery written all over it. But I know better, so I won’t guess that.

darn - see the question, no answers.
start typing, hit submit, and before I know it two others hit submit before me.

I know, I know! :slight_smile:

Daisy is correct in that NO ONE TOUCHES THE HAT! (Except see my WAI photo taken last year at Championships…)

The wearer of the hat in this photo has a very small head!

So many possible captions, so little time… :smiley:


“Hi, I’m Amanda and I’ll be your robot inspector today!”

I think it looks great on her. But it does look much better on me. I believe when she wears it, she feels taller and empowered :yikes: J.V.N. look out :slight_smile: And as for that comment Daisy about me rarely being in a good mood, that was all you :rolleyes:

Hat belongs to the mentor from RAGE. Sorry don’t know his name.

I’ll never be able to read Alice in Wonderland again

That’s funny, I immediately thought of Alice In Wonderland as well. :slight_smile:
The Mad Hatter.

Edit: Actually, I looked it up just now and the character’s name is The Hatter.

Were you planning on reading Alice in Wonderland soon?

It’s a good day when you can rib Kressly.



Actually, the Mad Hatter works :wink:

Which then immediately raises the question: who’s head is bigger - Amanda’s or Kressly’s??


That is only one man’s opinion.:yikes:

Why stop at the head size conversation? Why not bring up opposable thumbs too?


I think this picture is disrespectful to apes and monkeys everywhere. And somewhere, a Geico caveman is calling his lawyer. :smiley:

HAHAHA…I mean, Ouch. Thanks Mr. Kentfield!