pic: Who Is This Kid???


So I was going through one of MORT’s old websites and I saw a picture of this “dorky kid” - her words, not mine. Pic is from 04 NJ FLL State Championships at team 11’s highschool.

haha i remember this…i was a ref at this one

nice find akash


Considering I’ve been on ChiefDelphi for almost three years now, and considering I’ve been going to FIRST events since I was an infant, I guess I consider myself pretty lucky that pictures like this don’t turn up too often.

My dad and I always brought the Segway to Team 11’s FLL State Event- I was there last year mentoring a team, and people came up to me asking where the Segway was! That darn thing always seems to grab attention… :slight_smile:

Musta been a prototype, ehh? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The first thing I thought was, “Oh snap! It’s Libby” :slight_smile: