pic: Who needs a human player?

Team 1557: 12 Volt Bolt has a new member. He was recently donated after years reading books to kids at a local library, & only needs some minor rehab.

so THIS is what you guys do when im not around?:stuck_out_tongue:

technically i don’t think there is a rule saying the human player has to be human hey did anyone else have the thought of borrowing members of their school basketball team or just leaving a shooter like the one on you’re robot in place of the human player

We also considered using something like lacrosse sticks or slingshots or something.

I like how we decided to keep the Vodka box :rolleyes:

maybe thats why it had a lazy eye for awhile:confused:

Great, another job stolen by a robot. And during a recession!!!:mad:

We got the eyes working. He winks, blinks & turns his eyes to look each direction. He also has a small LED board in his tummy that scrolls messages, a radio/cassette player, lots of decorative lights, & a speaker to broadcast what an operator says into a mike. He moves well.

This is what mentors played with all day waiting for FedEx.:cool:

What a neat addition to the team. Does he have a name or is it, Bolt?

Wish we had somthing like that. All we seem to do in the down time is have some furious dodge ball fights.:slight_smile:

Our team’s motto is “We’re nuts”, so the students dubbed him “Nut”. (They thought he looked a little creepy initially when one of his eyes was stuck 1/2 shut.)

Who made it originally?? That’s pretty cool & reminds me of the robotic School Bus we used to have to sit through school bus safety demos in Elementary School back in the day.

You said it read to kids at a library in it’s past life?

Was it pre-programmed with audio books, or does it have a wireless microphone to be operated from a distance from an actual person?

the original owners had it custom built(dont know who) for their reading program, its just a speaker with a distortion effect, it runs off a wireless microphone, and it had the controller to drive it around, open and close the hands, and eyes