pic: Who needs teasers... here's our arm! [CRUSH: 1011]

It grabs (doesn't have to be center) and lifts the ball under it's own power =)

Nice arm. Now you just need to figure out how to clamp to the ceiling…or the bar. Good thinking. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, hehe… we just clamped it up there to test it. To all those teams that don’t have machine shops… either do we. You CAN build a working arm with sheet metal screws, aluminum tubing, a hacksaw and a drill :yikes:

umm one word of advice you might find useful. maybe you already have this figured out, maybe you’re close on weight but you might want to make your claw’s “fingers” wider. like a paddle maybe. definitly easier to grab.

Yea… the arm looks really nice and simple. Thats always good ya know. One question though, how hard are the pinchers holding onto the ball? Like, would you know how many pounds pressure you get on it? It would help… thanx

And an off topic comment:
greencactus3, you ask in your signiture if i can tell you one thing lego cant do.
A planetary gearbox. There are no internal gears. HAHAH!!! got you!

Actually, we grab the ball great. We have no problem with hanging onto a ball… I gave it a few good tugs and it WASN’T coming out. We are however looking into adding ball guides, we will decide that when weight permits though :wink:

I really like it - I would just be concerned that another robot could get under it and push it up and out - or does the arm have a really tight grip? We are able to punch ours without it coming off and without the ball even having a chance of popping…

very nice… i like it. as for the grip on the ball… is it sufficient? can the ball be pushed up or down??? an easy solution might be to wrap some rubber hose around your arms to gain some friction…

Just an arm? As all of us in OCCRA know, you can build an entire robot with sheet metal, screws, aluminum tubing, a hacksaw, and a drill. :slight_smile:


we did that last year actually…the thign could stack and run aroudn WITH the stack…problem was…we were 30 pounds overweight…so we lsot the whole mechanism…and we ended up being simply a drving box…a then top heavy driving box.

no you haven’t. too bad…
you know the lego turntable? the small one? it has internal teeth. AND, its a turntable. how easy is it to make a planetary using 1 turnatable, 3 (or 4 or 5) 8 toothed gears. done it before. too bad HAHA!!
no prize for you, but i’ll still take challenges.

oh yeah, and mercucio, HOW CAN YOU FORGET THE DUCT TAPE!!?!?!?
for you people who did occra, we’re the team that was “beautiful”. you know, the dragon…which sucked…need more practice driving maybe…

How are you going to attach the arm to the bot?