pic: Who was tougher


237 and 61 mixing it up at Battlecry. They got hooked together and shoved each other off the top platform.

Team 237 was the only team about to keep us off all season long! Congrats to them they have a great machine! Good job! Can not wait to see the movie…(i belive he said they would be online soon)

For me, it was the best match of the day. Real trench warefare. You guys are very strong.
It was a honor to be picked for your alliance.

well said i totally agree with you!

good job 237. they have a great robot that can get on the bar and move like no one else. thanks with us in NJ.

61 may have started it, but 237 definitly showed who was boss. 237 probably took the most beating that comp. I have to give them credit. Great job guys.

Wow! I don’t know either teams, but you both seem to have very strong robots.
Well done both of you! I hope to see more great robots in action like your two.
–d0ri :cool:

Thanks… You guys gave us a big scare in our first match on Saturday. You pushed up quite a ways up. See this picture…


Congrats to you and all the teams at BattleCry. Everyone played fair and tough.

Some more cool pics…


click offseason on the left then scroll down to WPI… more grat pictures of this pushing and shoving