pic: Whoah!

I was sitting right there when Team45’s robot clashed with Team 571’s…
And went waaay out of the field borders…

Good thing the match ended at that time, or there would have been a few problems with pedestrians…

does anyone have a picture of the two kids who were almost decapitated by this little manuever? They were huddling underneath the scoring table with some truly horrified expressions on their faces for a while after that one.

I wish I had a picture of that. Their faces were priceless ( :eek: ). The two kids were just a little past the bottom left corner of the picture. John and I were standing there reffing as the robots started coming over. I looked at the robots, looked at the kids, then looked at the match time trying to decide if I needed to jump in the way or something. We had told those kids to move back so many times before that without success. They finally listened after that match. :slight_smile:

if this is what i think it is…the kids were running the av equipment and knew the risk they were in (actually it was my little brother). it was quite funny to see the look on his and andy b’s faces. my bro was pretty close to being my new little sister :slight_smile:

No, it wasn’t the AV guys even though I’m sure they were just as frightened. :slight_smile: There were two small kids sitting under the end of the scoring table, right on the edge of the field carpet.

I felt so bad for those two kids. The look of terror on their faces. One looked like he was about to cry.

Fast forward 10 years later.
The kid grows up to be a driver in FIRST. At the start of the finals match at the new and improved Championship event he freezes, but then drives the robot into a wall repeatedly just to let out some repressed anger towards robots…

Oops… You broke it!

Should have done a background check on the kid…:rolleyes:

Was it the kid near the bottom of this picture?

I like how in this picture how you can see the camera taking the Thread picture

^ Ha ha… Tom looks so evil in that picture… lol

he looks evil in most of his pictures…

That’s hillarious.

if you look under the white table with the coke cup on it, you can see the far right edge of one of the kids. they were actually under the table.

oh yeah, and if anyone else has pictures of our robot doing crazy stuff (or anything, for that matter), could you send me a pm? Having only three people there, we didn’t exactly have time to take pictures.

hey now–

I don’t look evil in some pictures, i look like an orangutan.


I had a front row seat to see this happen - there were 2 kids who were helping with field reset sitting near and underneath a small table. The robots came crashing down, nearly hitting one of them, both of them just sitting there stunned.

You can see some of the 2nd kid if you look closely enough -