pic: Whoops

i was at that regional, but i was stuck watching the pits, and no one ever told me that that had happened, and this is the first i’ve heard of it.

The perfect ramps, in my opinion, would have guard rails as tall as the bumper zone, would be able to accompany a 37" wide robot, wouldn’t rip up IFI traction wheels…
The alignment problem could be nicely solved by flared guard rails.

I’d be impressed if a team managed to make 2 ramps that satisfy those conditions, still be effective defensively, and still make weight.
I’d be amazed if a team could make ramps that satisfy those conditions and be able to score on all 3 levels.
You’d win if your robot had ramps that satisfy those conditions and you could score on all 3 levels effectively.

Team 190 used guard rails throughout GSR and we’ve mostly found that they do little to affect robots getting up ramps. Simply put, you’re getting up there or you aren’t based on driving ability and robot capability. Everything else is decorative.

They did not have any gaurd rails and the ramp was about 4-5 inchs larger then our wheel base

We had about 10 seconds left when the ramp was dropped, so we both just zoomed as fast as we could up it.

I personaly thought it was a little funny, and this picture will always bring back great memories :cool: And very frantic memories of checking the arm to see if it still worked afterwards…

There are no guardrails on our ramps.

Also, if you’re in the hole in the middle, then you are already off one of the sides, so the holes aren’t really a problem. The hole is 12 inches wide and the strips on each side are 12 inches, so it would only be a problem if a robot had wheels really close together or a middle wheel.

Team 1015 had no resultant damage. We were thanking our lucky stars… :eek:
That was a less-than-fun moment, though the picture is funny now.:slight_smile: