pic: Why FIRST needs to make the driver station taller

during one of 229’s practice matches on Thursday, where our robot was non-existant, I decided to get a picture of what a 6’4" driver sees of the playing field when hunching forward. needless to say, visibility is sometimes a problem :-p

As a tall former driver, I agree!
I had to hunch over quite a bit to see the field.

At New Orleans, Blair made the same statement: the driver station needs to be taller. He said that the alliance station wall was 6’7", and asked one of the human players to come out on the field. Then, he took the tape measure and announced that this HP was 4 inches taller than the alliance station wall. Yep, 6’11".


I’ll be more than happy to take some inches from you Jay. :slight_smile:

Joe “5’9”-5’10"" Matt

Wow and I complained that I hit my head on those things :rolleyes: hopefully something is done to make sure that it is easier for taller people to see, cause driving next year could be fun if i get any taller

If you increase the size of the driver’s station wall, it will become essentially impossible for human players to score on the rack. It will also increase the likelihood of a “tube pile” right in front of the driver’s station wall since the human players will not be able to throw the tubes as far onto the field. Just some food for thought.

Personally, I think the driver stations are just fine as they are. This is probably due to the fact that my team and myself are all vertically challenged.

I say we just shrink the drivers…us short coaches have visibility issues, too! :smiley:

As a relatively average height human player [5’4"], I think the height of the drivers station is just fine. Though, I have seen many drivers have to duck to see what is going on and can see where the problem would be. Maybe they’d consider raising the number displays a little higher to give at least that much more height of clearance to the operators.


I am “only” 6 feet tall, but as a driver last year I noticed the LED signs (especially in alliance station two) to be an issue. Once I stepped up to the controls, it wasn’t really a problem, but if I tried to look and see the far goal, the beam or LED signs would be exactly in the way of the goal.

I had to sort of hunch over…

hmm driver station isn’t tall enough . . thats nothing some elbow grease and a hack saw cant fix.

Well, I am over 6 foot 2 inches and I would love to have higher stations but since that creates several problems with throwing ringers, I say we adopt the NASA approach to it: Don’t let any body over 5’9 into the driver station. Worked for Gemini, why not FIRST?


that sight is way to familiar i’m 6’5 and it stinks our other driver is 6’3" so there needs to be some change!!! maybe just raise the light boxes that show your team #