pic: Why I hate TurboCAD

I was dimensioning my die, and this came up. Huh?

C’mon Daniel, you haven’t learned about the spatial reconfiguring feature of TurboCAD? It allows you to maintain subfeature sizes while reducing the overall dimensions of the part. j/k

But seriosuly, that is pretty jacked up. How can you have a hole in a part that is bigger than the part itself? Furthermore, is that the default way it shows dimensions - with only one number?

The dimension point floats. But, in drawing views, if you scale it, the dimensions get smaller.

I just can’t win.

I use turbocad for all my companies drawings, namely because its cheap and my drawings aren’t that extensive just being heatsinks I’ve never run across this problem but turbocad can suck something awful in a bunch of different aspects of the program.

yeah i see what you mean i use CAD (2004 i think) and they all seam to have various spacial problems.