pic: Why we do this

There is a story behind this little chassis, and what motivated the Average Joes to build it. More on that later.

The actual reason for doing what we do can be seen clearly on the face of this new team member.

Good post. Too often forgotten.

Yes, Yes, Yes, and, um, yes. A smiling teen is almost always an inspired teen.

Nice pic.

However, please put some protection around those gears before powering this unit up ! Highly exposed pinch points !

You’re right, and thanks for the reminder.

The small clearance between wheels and mini-CIMs worries me more than the motor pinions meshing with 72T gears. Anyway, this chassis is designed to fit inside an interesting sheet metal cabinet, which will limit access to pinch points. Our wiring and programming folks will have to be careful while working around the chassis before the cabinet goes on. They have some experience with that, because we used the same drivetrain components (with Colsons rather than mecanums) on our 2015 competition 'bot.