pic: Why We Work In Alaska

We try to keep the moose out of our shop, but hey if one has a little accident in there sometime… moose steak is pretty good! This picture was taken in November, and there were at least six moose on that lake that day, but I only see three there.

That’s Awesome! The closest thing we have to moose are stray cats. :rolleyes:

My wife and I are considering taking a cruise on the Alaskan coast.

is that… -gasp- a MOOSE? (what is the plural of moose? mooses or what? i was about to say mice but thats obviously not right…) i’ve never seen a moose in real life… then again i havent seen a lot of things in real life either. thats awesome though… really different from the stuff we’ve got down here in FL. hmm lets see… sand vs. snow. whats more fun? i dont think i would mind being in Alaska… besides the fact that its freezing. cool picture though :slight_smile: mooses and snow.

My family - minus me - did that this summer … I stayed home to look for an apartment back in Appleton for fall semester (long story; I regret not being able to go) They went in late July and said it was the perfect time to go. :slight_smile:

Haha - the plural of “moose” is “moose” … “I saw a moose the other day.” “Look at all the moose over there!” :wink:

aaaaah okay… so moose plural is moose, just like fish plural is fish, and deer plural is deer. :slight_smile: neat, i got an english lesson on CD today.

Technically moose are a kind of deer, so theres a biology lesson too :smiley: . Alaska is great in summer, but in winter it begins to get depressing. Take a look at that picture, and note the total lack of color. Even the buildings are gray. And it is that way from the beginning of september until May or June. And even then there is tons of trash that gets exposed by the melting snow. But if you can get out of the city it is great any time of year :smiley: . If anyone ever comes to Anchorage let us know.

I went on an Alaskan cruise in the summer of 2003. We had unseasonably warm weather. I don’t think it dropped below 75* except for one day that it rained.

It was incredibly awesome. I would definitely reccomend it.

MissInformation went to Alaska last August. She had a great time. She took a picture of a moose. It makes a great desktop picture. Studing Bio for many hours does not make for proper conversation, so enjoy a moose.


Wow. Was she actually that close to it? Or did she have a high power lens?

There is a great book titled “An Exaltation of Larks.” A knot of toads, a school of fish, can’t find moose but elk are a “gang” :slight_smile:

My camera did have a 10X optical zoom, but I also did get that close. It was at an animal reserve right before Whittier, that takes in injured and orphaned animals. The moose weren’t tame, but they were used to people. The fence was a tall, open-wire fence, and this moose liked me. He was way out in the water posing for these people who were standing on a gazebo that extended out over the water. When I approached the fence to get a picture of him from that angle (I was making my way toward the gazebo) he saw me and immediately meandered on over to me (soft velvet on the antlers). Here he is in the water and here he is right directly in front of me. That moose and I stared at each other for a long time, I think he liked me telling him how handsome he was!

I have to admit, I envy those of you who work in Alaska, I’m jealous, completely jealous. All of the “why we work” photos are nice, but none of them compare to Alaska!


Great Picture! We were up in your beautiful state for a visit and liked it so much we want to come there to live. I’ve been a lot of places in the world and Alaska, especially Kenai Peninsula are my favorite place. You are really lucky to live there! ENJOY!

Screen name is an old hockey nickname… but I guess it would fit in in AK pretty good, eh? :slight_smile:

No no no… It’s Meese… Like Goose and Geese.
<obscure National Lampoons Christmas Vacation reference there>

well that neat. ive never seen moose’s before when i went to fairbanks.

                                                   ^ yes its wrong thats why i like it! ;)

Beautiful. It looks a little like Maine. My dream is to someday vacation in Alaska for a few weeks.

My boyfriend lives (born and raised) in Alaska. I was up there january of 2004 (he lives in Anchorage). I will hopefully be up there again for the month of June. It is really beautiful up there. It’s amazing, it’s actually better than all those pictures you see of Alaska.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen Dave’s face on it yet :slight_smile: (or is that just a matter of time).

Anyways, AK looks nice, and both of my parents have lived there in the past.