pic: Why we work in Boston.


You Bah-stonians (which I am orignally) got nothing on us Rochesterians!
We average over a hundred inches a year! We got this nasty snow machine to the north of us called Lake Ontario that gives us a seemingly endless supply of snow. The only thing worse in Boston is there’s no place to put it.

have you guys heard the story of what happened in baahston?

Mayor Tom Menino banned people from claiming spaces in the street during snow storms (people used to put garbage cans, chairs, mic. things to save their spots). so the “southies” decided to rebel, and put very very very strange things in the places…aka a full swingset with kids on it, a dog house with a pitbull on gaurd, and also a DPW worker who was able to move the fire hydrant to his space so noone would park in a space in front of a hydrant…

lemme tell you, them bostonians sure are clever (thats why they beat the british :p)

More reasons why we work/go to school in Boston!!!

My car:

My (old) dorm:

Pfft … 100 inches? :stuck_out_tongue:

*"The Keweenaw Peninsula regularly receives in excess of 200 inches of snowfall each year. By comparison, Minneapolis averages 47 inches, Chicago 40 inches and Detroit only 38 inches per year. Even the lake effect snows of Buffalo, New York, only average 93 inches per year.

“The heaviest winter snowfall in Houghton County was recorded during the 1978-1979 season with over 350 inches falling in the county. Yet residents know that the snowfall totals tell only a part of the story. Even in below average years, the snow can be punishingly constant. In 1984-1985 snow fell for 51 days straight, yet didn’t break a Houghton County record set in the 1930s when snow fell every day for two months.”

Source: http://history.cityofhoughton.com/winter.html


The first two weeks I was up here, it was in the -40s and we got about 5 feet of snow!! This is my boyfriend and his friend digging my car out of the parking lot:




Though, in the summer and fall, the UP is absolutely gorgeous - in a different way than Florida and Hawaii are! :wink:


Building FIRST robots always wins over shoveling all that snow anyways…
Am I right, or am I right?

I still find that sign next to the earth to be the funniest picture. What happens if you turn the globe left? :eek:

Jess told me that the globe doesn’t even turn anymore, which makes the picture that much more funny. It’s like someone was like… “Well, the globe spinning mechanism broke, so let’s just put this sign up so that when they find the time or money to make or buy a replacement part, they know which way it should turn.”

I could just imagine that sign being requested for just that purpose. :rolleyes:

Popular saying around here: “Living in Seattle is like being married to a beautiful woman who is sick all the time.”