pic: Why we work in California

Taken tonight. Its always nice to be able to drive the robot around outside … The sunset is just a bonus.

I AM EXTREMELY JEALOUS!!! Up here, we have to cover ourselves against the cold and get inside a warm place as soon as we can and you guys are DRIVING YOUR ROBOT OUTSIDE??? That too with such a beautiful scenery. :ahh:

Here’s the real question: sunrise or sunset?

i think sunset
looks absoluetly beutiful there… /me dreams of a warm place with long days…

I remeber in 2004 sitting outside for dinner on the Saturday night after the Philly Regional.

Spring is coming! One more month!!!
(impatience is aggrevating)

Im going with sunset too.

Our days in CA aren’t all that long this time of the year.

In a few months they will be :slight_smile:

nice pic…here in cali i think spring is here… i guess the measure of that is if you can wear a tshirt all day (without getting cold)… so i guess yeah its here… the weather is really nice and sunny these days (in norcal atleast) … but it does start getting dark early like 6

Yes … it was a sunset. It was actually unusually warm last night. When that picture was taken … it was about 68 degrees outside.

T-shirt all day without getting cold? I can do that in weather down to about 40 degrees…and 40 degrees means it isn’t spring time.

New Jersey=Cold

I’m beginning to get jealous :smiley: .

<just a little>

40* is about the coldest it gets during the day in most of CA.

40* would be warm compared to here :slight_smile:

it may be colder but you can;t go snowboarding :stuck_out_tongue:

If only i had a good digital camera, id post why we work in Jersey. Smog, factories, powerlines, cars, violence, and the odd color glow around the earth at night. I <3 NJ. Although living here costs me one year of my life, every year.

Where in California I know the in socal Orange County today 2-11-05 its raining nicely, but we don’t have meeting today and we have a nice indoor garage with the nice stuff. Usually its warm even at night so we work late and enjoy having the 3 huge 1 car doors open circulating the oil dust air.

I can’e decide which one to make my background… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If you want a full res one … shoot me a PM and i’ll let you know where to get it from. Same goes for anyone who wants it.

No, we can’t go snowboarding right here on the sunny coast, but great snowboarding/skiing is only 2 hours away. So we can go swimming in the ocean in the morning, go skiing for lunch, and then be back at the ocean for sunset (in shorts and a t-shirt). Can you do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but I can go farming in the morning :P, go to a fake beach during the day, and frolic in the soybeans under the sunset.

Take that, californian.

We can do that too, you know…

Guys, you really need to visit Brazil… :cool: