pic: Why we work in Connecticut

This is the blizzard of '06. I took this picture at around 2 PM today standing on the porch of my dorm room. The snow was over 2 ft and i was standing in a snow drift of about 3 ft.

OMG I SO want to be there. It was like 78 here today. It never snows here.

Surprisingly, moving to NH meant less snow than living in CT. Who knew?

And living in Canada means hardly any snow at all. How very odd. :confused:

So exactly why do you work in connecticut again? i get the shivers just looking at that picture…and it’s 71 here (relatively cold compared to how it usually is)

One day we should do a Chiefdelphi snowfall derby to see which team comes out on top (Methinks teams in Michigan’s UP and the Artic Warriors outside of Syracuse would be battling for top honors).

i know what ya mean man, we dont get a lot of snow but we do get freezing temperatures which means all the water freezes and then we got ICE everywhere. but the snow also stays here longer due to the cold temperatures.

Why we work in Florida


i had to shovel a good 22" off of my car this afternoon, thats pure snowfall, not hindered by trees. Right along the corridor of this storm we got NAILED; CT got it rough too, but don’t think they are the only ones who got it bad.

goood ole CT :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting for someone with snow to pop a picture on to CD for awhile now =P. Pity that this winter in Toronto has been full of slush!

I (didnt :^) grow up in Buffalo, and when I was 19 I moved to WP Beach FL for almost two years. For about 6 months it was great, but I actually got tired of it being summer all year long. I wanted the trees to change, I wanted to go cross country skiing, I wanted to be out in the woods on that day in spring when all of a sudden the trees are all sprouting tender new leaves.

Now I live in rochester, NY - and I cant imagine living anywhere else.

(PS: nothing has EVER crawled out of lake Ontario and eaten someones dog :^O )

well if ya count that one time…

shhhhhh! thats never been proven (and its bad for tourism - all this talk about the Ontario Ice Creature is just nonsense :^)

Cause working on robots in a nice warm building is much better than shoveling 20+ inches of snow from every body you know’s driveway.

That’s why we work.

ah!!! the wonder of 2ft of snow!!!

no work!!! and more time to build a robot =D

this is where you separate the dedicated team members from the slackers

when you get a winter-weather warning and you head to the build site immediately, so you will get snowed-in there, instead of getting snowed-in at home :^)