pic: Why we work in Florida

The beauty…

Looks outside window
Looks back to picture

Alllllllllright, I’m sold.
Need MechE’s? :wink:



Dare I take a picture of a cornfield…

Do you know what “snow” is Arefin? :slight_smile:

Sure, we would take you John. Let me know when to pick you up from the airport.

Genia, I like snow… it was fun playing with snowballs at chicago. Have you ever been to the beach and surfed?


oooo how i love florida, you can mail us some snow if you want :slight_smile:

little do they know that those clouds in the picture there are actually from an oncoming HURRICANE! :ahh:

Right fin?

sorry, my mind is really geared toward hurricanes right now. wonder why… :rolleyes:

Hmmm. If I had a good way of doing it I could mail you some snow. We got 20+ inches of it in some parts of town over the last two days. Maybe I will bring some with me when I move to Florida…

Ohh how i miss FLA…trust me Philadelphia weather is horrriibbblleee in comparison to southern florida. (I hate the cold)

Hey, guys, you must visit Brazil some day…


Yeah, I must recognize that!
Really nice job.

I’ve been to the beach you crazy floridian.

But me? Do anything that requires a level of coordination beyond falling on my face? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa. Surely you jest.

But it’s a beautiful picture. I’ll give you that. Florida gets prettiness points. But we still have better corn and soybeans.

I went to Florida in 1999-2000 and fell in love with it…Clear blue skies and palm trees lining the roads. I was so sad I had to leave then :frowning: . I would really like to go to FL for grad school and a job, maybe even do FIRST there :yikes: .

Actual conversation between Mike Walker and myself…

Mike: well, i gotta mow the yard
Jess: you have to mow??!?
Jess: oh wait, you have grass that isnt covered in a foot of snow
Mike: its florida
Mike: the grass never stops
Jess: I was very confused there for a second

Hey everyone remember we already went through our four hurricanes so the snow storms and cold is are revenge muahhhhhh

btw i just got back in from tanning gosh i love Florida :slight_smile:

Wow, mylittlemechman … absolutely amazing, I keep telling myself I dislike Florida, the heat, and finding gators under my vehicle everytime I am there… but then I see photos like that. I’ll give you the ice on my windshield instead every morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i just love this state :slight_smile:
(i love my home state too)

it’s a great photo

barry: yes hurricanes are coming!!! that bermunda high is out to get us all

today was a great day in sunny florida the shop doors were all open and the temperature outside was sooo nice :slight_smile:

Yay for Florida :slight_smile:

But lately its been col :frowning: it almost dipped into the 50’s last night… gotta go grab a sweatshirt

in st. pete, it dropped down to 49 degrees. but that didn’t stop us from working till early in the morning in an unheated shop. its getting to be a tradition for my team.

I have a funny story for you SPAM kids.

There is a funny guy on your team, who thinks he’s immune to the cold. But he came up to visit Indiana for a weekend and frolic, and well, let’s just say he couldn’t even handle 30 or 40. :wink: Let alone 10. This was in January.

50? Ha! Feeling brave are we?

And the fellow was called Gaterunner!

(Sorry Scott, I told you I’d laugh at you for getting cold ;))