pic: Why we work in Florida


So I walked outside today and went “whoa” about 20 minutes ago and took a picture.
It’s pitch black now (20 minutes later…) but it was definitely a site to see.

Oh no, not this again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why we work in Califonia

Why we work in Rochester

Why we work in Florida

Why we work in Hawaii

Why we work in New Jersey

Why we work in Boston

Why we work in Colorado Springs

Why we work in RS, Brazil

Why we work in New Hampshire

Why we work in Connecticut

Why we work in Pennsylvania

Why we work in Alaska

Why we work in Newport

Why we work in Palmdale, CA

Now Florida has two pictures under their belt. What about the other states? =)

Yes! But this time, take the pictures from your backyard (or by school/work). NO googling!

You can tell my picture is authentic because I ended up taking the picture slanted. The beauty of an amateur

Maryland Sunset

This is why we work in Connecticut…


Why we can’t work in Connecticut*


*Because we had to shovel it all out. :rolleyes:

Edit: Ooops. I guess while I was too busy going out into my front yard to take this picture, that Tom beat me to it. :wink:

…Idea stealer. :mad:

That’s why you stay in Connecticut. Because the roads are snowed in and you’re trapped. :stuck_out_tongue:

You both beat me to it, oh well.

That’s why I work in Kokomo!

oh, wrong Kokomo :wink:

My town


reason we work in Colorado is because we live here.