pic: Why we work in Hawai'i

I think that’s pretty much the end of that whole discussion…


First of all you win the “my location is the hottest and prettiest so I’ll post a picture of it” contest. It’s so pretty…

Second, if there is ever a beach/water game ('06 guys, '06), you will surely win. Just don’t let your robot wash into the pacific. Who knows what could happen to it.

Pretty! I really like that picture. Wanna see what michigan looks like? melting snow, leafless trees, all that jazz. Its kinda nasty now, but sometimes it looks ok…

I live in this

compared to this

or this

or this

I want to cry. :frowning:

thier robot will come to us and then we will adapt it! muhaha that place is the best :cool:

Don’t be sad, personally, I prefer the cold weather, so your picture looks realling appealing to me. :wink: Hot weather isn’t all its cracked up to be, and humidity, ugh. lol

Here’s some pictures I took. The first one is of the sun setting right behind Lanai when I was in Maui this summer.

Second one was when I went to the beach at home during winter break. Week before Christmas, it’s snowing back in Worcester, and it was 75* and beautiful as you can see :smiley:

it’s soo pretty :slight_smile:

i want to visit hawaii some day. it’s a different paradise then florida

have fun on the islands :slight_smile:

It is awesome! I just wish I could show you guys some of the shots from the Big Island…Not nearly as nice…But considering I don’t have any…

I wish I lived in Hawaii!

i hope the regional comes to be and the pink team can visit the beautiful islands of hawaii.

Hawaii '08! The place to be as a team (or even as a volunteer!) :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!

Some should start a rumor thread about a lava flow game. Championship in Hawai’i!

Ok. I’m gonna go sit in a corner and cry becasue I haven’t seen the Beach in FOREVER X_X I’d LOVE to go to Hawaii Sometime though.

i’m pretty sure my town is going to develop permafrost this week… wanna trade places?

I can see it now…
" NEXT on TLC we take this town from this frozen cold town of insert Northern state town name here] and swap them with the town in insert Hawaii town name] and watch the reaction as on meets snow for the first time and the other meets sand.

we should have a regional here soon…hopefully. There are benifits and doubts about living here. i just cant think of any right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Words cannot describe how much I envy you. The temperature here in Michigan is 6 degrees. No, that’s not a typo–six degrees Fahrenheit. I’m not in school because the windchill is at -30 degrees. See the attached pics for what my neighborhood looks like.


(well, I was going to attach them, but I guess there’s a limit, because CD took away my “Attachments” button…)

well it is great to live in hawaii, but im sure that if we lived on the mainland we would love the snow for about a week and then get bored of it…and im sure you guys would get bored of hawaii too if you lived here long enough…

who could get bored on hawaii??? …well you would probably get Closter phobic. we live on an island surrounded by water, water, and more water.