pic: Why we work in Hawai'i

I’m willing to test the theory…


At least you don’t live here…http://www.state.nj.us/dep/srp/brownfields/archives/video/factory.jpg

Not to insult we had a “fun” descussion in my feild ecology class about how if the global warming continues where we live might become the"new beach front property" if the caps melted !!!

Just a funny idea

And sorry if i was rude to anyone

columbia and northface jackets dont sell here in hawaii at all. you wont find them.
You would only need them MAYBE 2-3 times the whole year.:smiley:

Wow! Well, I have to bring up the fact that you miss out on two-hour delays for school with that nice weather of yours! we have had one every day this week!

well we had nasty weather today for hawaii people. of course its nothing compared to what happens on the mainland. all we had was a little rain.

Is it physically possible to secrete jealousy, because I think I am…jealousy puddle freezes because of this freezing environment

I bet its fun living in Hawaii… but building a robot?

Here on the mainland we can get overnight shipping from Mcmaster. There are also a lot of over-the-counter suppliers; we have local suppliers for gears, almum stock, pneumatics, electronics, and in our area there are tons of scrap dealers to scavenge from. There are also enough machinists in our area to support several teams and then some!

Even with all these resources we often can’t get what we need. It must be a real challenge getting parts in Hawaii.

Yes, we don’t have the resources - but for us on the island of Oahu, we can’t really complain as our counterparts on the outer island have it much worse!

However, I do recall in '05 we had to wait awhile for the magnets to arrive for the hanging tetras because they could only be sent by boat!

On the other hand, we don’t have to worry about school closures (and losing build time) when the weather gets too nasty.

Hawai’i’s nice, Michigan has ice,
but everyone knows it who you live near
that really matters, whether there or here.

I get to live near these fine strapping fellows…http://www.kestan.com/travel/dc/monument/images/IMG_9493%20WWII%20memorial,%20with%20washington%20monument,%20dusk%20(ok).jpg

Thats the WWII memorial in D.C. 60 years later and its finally built.


Unfortunately where I live, we are about a thirty minute drive from the beach in Galveston, so here are some pictures that show off Galveston and Houston.


Sometimes, we just feel like taking our bots to the beach…


Well here in Hilo it does take a little time to get parts and we do have to ship the bot a little early to get it there on time…but we do get to take our bot up to the beach and we build underwater robots and everything…there are some bad things about living in hawaii (like not having any snow except on the mountian) and there are the good things(like beautiful beaches and stuff)…but just because we live in hawaii, it dosnt make anywhere else worse then here:P

well it doesnt matter where i am as long as their is a computer with chief delphi, a decent library, and F.I.R.S.T. robotics!